DocuPayment Process

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The DocuPayment Process

Step 1:

Buyer’s agent initiates by uploading contract and confirms all parties to receive moneys, agent and title company info along with critical dates for delivery.

Step 2:

sends link to buyer via text and email.

Step 3:

Buyer sets up their account with banking information and authorizes the transfer of the exact moneys to the appropriate parties, per the contract.

Step 4:

Listing agent receives notice that Buyer & Buyer’s agent have submitted contract & earnest money. Buyer’s agent have submitted contract, earnest money, option money and all other deposits. Listing agent signs in to via email or text sent by

Step 5:

Listing agent enters Seller’s information in their dashboard.

Step 6:

notifies Seller of funds awaiting receipt. Seller completes their banking information and option moneys are received. Receipted page is signed electronically.

Step 7:

notifies Title Company of contract & earnest money awaiting receipt.

Step 8:

Title company receipts contract and earnest money. A Receipted contract is sent to all parties.

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